Our staff brings experience, quality, integrity, and innovation to both our practices. Providing you with a satisfactory experience with each visit to our clinic is the teams goal. With a smile, you will find all of us pleasant and eager to help you maintain your oral health, and achieve beautiful teeth.


Gail & Chahida: Are our front desk receptionist. You will see or speak with one of them when you contact or visit our offices. With a great sense of humor, proficiency and more than 20 years in the dental field, they are in charge of dealing with insurance claims and balance portions of our patients' accounts. Contact them with questions regarding payments or explanation of benefits. Gail and Chahida will also help you arrange your appointments at a time convenient for you. Chahida is fluent in Arabic and french for additional assistance. You may contact them to update information such as change of address, phone number, dental insurance, etc.


Mina, Ayah, Sal, and Safa: Are the doctors' operative assistants and they carry the responsibility for patient education. With their sympathetic and courteous way, they will address any question you could have regarding your dental treatment or preventive care. In addition to all our members being fluent in English, Mina is fluent in Farsi while Sal and Safa are fluent in Arabic.


Cathy: Is responsible for helping our patients develop and maintain their good oral health. She can explain to you the relationship between diet and oral health, or inform you how to select toothbrushes as well as show you how to brush and floss properly. She takes care of examining your teeth and gums, recording the presence of diseases or abnormalities, and can give recommendations per individual needs.


Larry: is responsible for the implementation of the computer systems in our office. His main role is to provide the software and technology applied to dental care to facilitate patient education. Also, you can contact him if you have any suggestions or technical problems with this website.


Dr. Dircilene Souza, DDS, MS, Ph.D is responsible for the development of our clinical research and the preparation of scientific papers and seminars in our attempt to provide our patients with evidence-based dentistry as a standard in dentistry to get you well informed of all available options of treatment to achieve the more predictable results. She is a co-author of a book with Dr. Moneim, "Avoiding Dental Implant Complications." Dr. Souza became the first female dentist to obtain a Ph.D.'s degree in Implantology in Brazil in 2006 and she is fluent in Portuguese.

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